It’s been a passion of mine for a long time now to help people live a better life.

Since my sister passed away in 2005, I was on my own personal mission to find meaning in life and find purpose.

I discovered over the years that life is not a rehearsal, it can slip away faster than we realise and we must cherish it for life is a gift.

Sure the day to day grind can get us down, yet how lucky are we to be alive!

This is my first article on Best Life cafe, so I want to welcome you and explain my aim for this site.

I wish to share recipes that empower people to live thier best life.

By sharing recipes on FIRE, Financial Independence, Retire Early, Minimalism and Food, I believe you can live a great life.

That’s not to say you don’t already have a good life, I sincerely hope you do, yet we all can grow and live a more meaningful life.

And that’s the key, living a meaningful life, rather than chasing what society tells us is the right way to live.

we’re sold to keep spending, keep chasing and keep wishing we lived like the joses, Kate Moss or whichever celebrity you may fantasize about.

Being rich or famous is not the answer. Living a meaningful life is.

Yet, every day we see about 5000 advertisments programming our mind to think the way they want us to think.

Buy this, spend that, credit this, loan that. It takes away your freedom.

It’s time to unplug from the consumer matrix and begin on the journey of financial freedom and living a meaningful life.

Yes life is to be enjoyed, to be lived well, yet how many people are snowed under by debt, living in jobs thier hate to pay for things to impress people they don’t even like.

Life’s too short to be little and life’s too short to be average.

I invite you to wake up from the matrix, unplug and let’s do this!

It’s time to live your best life.

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