What is the Fi,Re Movement?

Financial Independence, Retire Early is a movement of people who are intentionally taking control of their financial lives by maximising their savings and investing and cutting their expenses to gain financial freedom much sooner than society deems normal.

By taking control of your finances rather than being controlled by them, you can gain the confidence to lead the life you deserve.

Recipes for Financial Peace and FIRE

• Pay yourself first, at least 10%.

• Save an Emergency fund

• Eliminate ALL DEBT!

• Decrease expenses

• Increase income

• Save and invest over 50% of your income.

• Reach your FIRE target and Retire Early!



What is the FIRE movement?

Financial Independence, Retire Early. Sounds good right? Yet, what is the Fire movement? It's basically a community of people who are maximising their savings and investing by intentionally decreasing there expenses and increasing their income with a sweet and simple...

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